The Atomic States of America Film Showings in Huntsville, AL

BEST/MATRR launched a new
educational program
by hosting and sponsoring
two showings of the highly rated film
"The Atomic States of America"
at The Flying Monkey Arts Theatre
in the Lower Mill Arts & Entertainment Center
on July 20, 2013.

David Lochbaum,
Union of Concerned Scientists
Director of Nuclear Safety,
who was one of the experts featured in the film,
spoke after each showing
and answered audience questions
about the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant
and nuclear power safety issues.

Future showings will be announced
for area universities
this coming fall.


Radioactive Emissions and Health Hazards Surrounding Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

Our small grassroots group established
50 radiation monitoring sites
near and downwind of Browns Ferry,
and recorded levels ranging
from background radiation
at about 36 counts per minute (CPM)
to over 1600 CPM
or 40 times background radiation.

We commissioned a preliminary analysis
of our local monitoring data
and a report on radiation
and health issues 
in the Browns Ferry area
by epidemiologist 
Joseph Mangano, MPH, Director
Radiation and Public Health Project.

The findings are disturbing.
Before Browns Ferry came online
the local mortality rate was 1.7%
above the U.S. rate.
By 2010, the rate had risen
to 20.5% above U.S. rate,
with young people suffering
a 27.4% higher rate.

Infant mortality rate has risen
steadily since the early 1990s
to 21.6% above the U.S. rate,
even higher from Hispanics at 40.3%
and whites at 32.6%.

Download our report at right.




On Monday, March 11, 2013,
the 2nd Anniversary of Fukushima,
the Fallout Flash Mob efforts
we spearheaded in 2012
spread to New York City
and Alsace, France.

On the 1st Anniversary, last year,
of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster,
we spearheaded Nuclear Fallout
Flash Mob 'die-in' events in:

Atlanta, Georgia
Nashville, Tennessee
Huntsville, Alabama
St. Petersburg, Florida
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Tucson, Arizona

Please visit the Nuclear Fallout
and learn how to create
a Flash Mob Fallout
in your own community.


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