BEST/MATRR Voices Objections
for 19 Environmental Groups
to NRC's Proposed Weakening
of Radioactive Effluent Release Limits

Nineteen environmental groups around the country
signed onto our official Comments to the NRC
regarding the lessening of restrictions on effluent releases 
from U.S. nuclear reactors.

We protested the NRC new regulation proposal’s assumptions
(from the International Commission on Radiological Protection
(ICRP) 2007 Publication 103)
as untimely, since they fail to incorporate major studies
completed within the last decade;
and we asserted that the effluent limits and dose calculations
are based on inaccurate averaged data,
rather than accessible and verifiable real-time data.
We  protested the inaccurate data
used to regulate emission releases
and the outdated studies cited
as the basis for changes to effluent regulations. 

All nineteen organizations joined us
in calling for comprehensive real-time monitoring posted online,
as well as posted refueling and effluent release schedules,
to ensure the public is both informed
and protected from ionizing radiation exposures. 

We included this illustration
from our upcoming East Tennessee report.
The city of Chattanooga is only 17 miles downstream
of TVA’s Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant (SQN),
and the un-filterable tritium,
which bonds with water to become tritiated or H3 radioactive water,
has been rising steadily in Chattanooga’s drinking water
over the last two decades.

Our Multi-group Comments on Reactor Effluents
can be read by searching NRC.gov document ML 15286A236


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