Protest of EPA Nuclear Advocacy
in Proposed Clean Power Plan
Dec 15, 2014 

We submitted formal Comments (12 pages)
on the EPA Clean Power Plan
protesting the inclusion of nuclear power in the plan.
Although we applaud much of the proposed plan
and the EPA’s initiative to create and implement
an environmentally healthy plan,
including nuclear power is a contradiction
in EPA goals and is inappropriate
for a Clean Power Plan.

Carbon is not the only waste product of energy production
that threatens the viability of our planet.
Nuclear pollution is far more insidious in its impact
simply because it is invisible
and the poison symptoms are generally delayed;
but radioactive toxins attack living cells and
damage DNA structure,
resulting in extremely serious
long-range pollutant damage to our planet.

To encourage operation extensions for aging reactors
will impact the environment and health of millions of Americans,
since one in every three lives within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant. 
To encourage building more nuclear reactors
is a proven financial folly and environmental risk.

Nuclear power unnecessarily sacrifices the genetic future
of our citizens and other species on the planet,
at a time when truthfully clean, sustainable energy resources
are available at far lower costs to our economy,
our environment, and to future generations.

EPA can stop adding to the environmental
and financial debts produced by nuclear power
simply by eliminating your inclusion and support for
nuclear power in your Clean Power Plan.

To do otherwise is a betrayal of EPA's very purpose. 

We argue that nuclear is unreliable in a warming world,
contributes mightily to thermal pollution,
and produces highly toxic
and enduring radioactive waste.

70 years of intensive research
have not helped solve how to sequester
or dispose of these enduring toxins.

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